Monkeying Around

Baby Monkey Captured and Photoshopped

Whew!  I’m pooped.  Two days of learning new stuff and many more to come trying to remember what I’ve learned.  Photography is one of those things that the more you learn, the more stupid you feel.  The good news is that if you keep getting good shots by skill, or in my case largely by accident, you have no choice but to continue to learn because you want to top or recreate the magic of your best picture to date.    This monkey is not a great shot, but while at the Zoo I try to stay in manual mode on my camera and make all the setting adjustments myself.  So, this is as good as it gets when trying to remember all of the settings.  I shot through a kid smudged plexiglass wall so there was some reflection to get rid of in Photoshop, as well as some adjustment made to saturation and contrast on the monkey.

I’ve always loved traveling and enjoyed bringing back memories of our trips.  But now, it’s getting to a whole new level as I consider one day going on trips JUST to take pictures.  Regardless of where the hobby grows, it puts a smile on my face while allowing some artistic expression….kind of like writing a blog.   This middle age thing is turning out to be full of fun prospects….who knew?


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  1. Trisha Madrid says:

    Great pic!

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