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There are many things that I know to be true in my life and one of those things is that the people of the United States are predominately generous and caring people.  Like me, I’m sure many of them get frustrated, however, trying to choose where their hard earned money

​goes ​

philanthropically that makes the most difference and

​that ​

is trustworthy.  I’m halfway home and my reflection today is really an ode to the organization of WATERisLIFE.  I have been friends with members of the team for years.  I have listened to their stories and watched them grow with their efforts bringing in hygiene, sanitation and water to areas that are in desperate need.   I HOPED that they walked the walk that they talked.  On my tenth day with them, I can 100% say that I know that they are everything that I hoped them to be and then some.  But then again, I figured that out on day two.


What does it take to mobilize a team in a third world country, including a child


for ten days?  I will not bore you with the details but it takes a lot


Not to mention


this a working trip, meaning the team is there to GET THINGS DONE.  Much planning ahead is needed.  Organization with local leaders is happening constantly, and executing the job in a very short time frame must be done.  Oh, and did I mention they have to make sure everyone is safe, taking care of themselves properly, keeping in touch with worried family members, and generally juggling all of these areas at one time?  Not to mention, the work that is getting accomplished is satisfying a very basic human need.  I could not be more impressed.


I am very reflective about many things today.  However, I wanted to take a moment to recognize that I’m allowed to be reflective about all the amazing things I encountered this week due to a wonderful organization that made all of that possible.  Impressively.  I would absolutely put my teenager in their hands.  I hope to go back one day or to another project location.  Not often do you go into a trip knowing it will be a life changer, and I will be forever grateful to Odyssey and WATERisLIFE for the opportunity.  Changed, I am.



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