There are 683,806 hours in an average 78 year life.    Sounds like a big number until you start subtracting hours of sleep and those doing the mundane, unavoidable chores.  Let’s not forget to subtract the hours spent watching “quality” TV.   I wonder of the hours that are left, how many are likely spent in the present, connected to a spirit of gratitude and love?  We….I….want so desperately to daily be in that spot (you know the one) where I am looking across the table at my loved ones, I am listening to my friends share their deepest fears, I am watching my children learn to tackle life, I am still with nature, I am slow dancing with my husband………where I feel present, connected and loved.  It’s magic when you realize that these moments are the ones of real treasure.  At these times, gratitude comes easy.

Alternatively, I am watching some friends go through their own journey, some of it painful, sad or confusing.  Life happens, and I know that our walk will be at times so turbulent, that we will want to lie on the bathroom floor and cry out for relief of it all.  No matter what we wish, in the collective hours of our life, we cannot escape pain.  During some girlfriend time last week, occasionally the conversation turned heavy as we touched on real life hardships. Yet, as I looked around the table, I felt thankful for the ones walking this journey together, and I know they felt the same.  The richness of life has the ability to be mixed in with the muddy.   Gratitude in hardship may not be as easy, but perhaps it’s when it is the most necessary.

My take away is this; as beings of love, we can choose to remain open at all costs, remembering to be grateful for the good.  Gratitude can’t take away our pain, but it can make it bearable.  At the height of our hardships, the blessings are still there around us….it is the AWARENESS of the blessings that can make the difference in our experience.  Gratitude is the awareness of the love surrounding us, captured, and given back.  Love In. Healing. Love Out.  I like that.

Dedicated to T….the pres of the fan club and friend 😉


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1 Response to Gratitude

  1. Trisha Madrid says:

    Much gratitude right back at you, my cherished friend. I appreciate the dedication and will proudly wear my Fan Club President button for all the world to see!

    I will do my best to be AWARE on a daily basis. As always, thank you for your words.

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