Love A Good Quote

“She realized that the only war worth fighting was the one that raged within; the rest were all diversions.  In this small space, her hunting miles, she was going to bring herself home.  Home was not a place for the faint-hearted; only the very brave could live with themselves.” -Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places

I know, a blog represents the writers thoughts…’s not necessarily a vehicle to highlight someone else’s musings.  So glad that I’ve decided to do this blog my way because I LOVE quotes.  They inspire me and spur thought.  Many years ago I would go into work a little early and post my quote of the day.  It was something that resonated with my feelings at that moment and something that occasionally gave me pause and made me smile.  I look at it not as lack of being original but a connection to others.  Our words, creating feelings and thoughts in others…one sentence at a time.  Of course, I still have all of these quotes…in a pretty box…that I pull out and read occasionally, and I will share them as they speak to me.  Feel free to share if they speak back to you……


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