Nothing Like a Physical

Don’t you just love the Doctor’s office physical?

Need a tetanus shot?  Um, sure, I guess…..arm still hurts days later btw.

It’s easy enough otherwise…breathe deeply, say ahhh, breathe normally, sit up.

Then they want to get some family history…don’t know yours?  Come from health stock?  I’m not so fortunate on that front, I’m afraid.  As I run through the list of family members and COD, the doctor and I both start feeling the weight of the conversation.  One grandfather had a brain tumor, oh and actually the other one did also.  One grandmother had breast cancer, the other autoimmune and liver failure.  Uncles? Cancer…so far no one is making it out of their 60’s.  When the Doc winces… know the odds are kinda stacked against you.

I had that moment, you know, the I’m going to do better moment.  Gonna love deeper, exercise more, eat better, should I become Vegan?  It’s the moment that we as humans come across every so often to remind us that the time on earth is but a whisper.  But, inevitably we go on and get back to the routine, the grind.  I had been fasting so after my soul connecting moment I promptly stopped by and got a coffee and sausage biscuit.  The moment passed and back to business……but I am gonna promise to love deeper!  My clock may be ticking and there may be only so much I can do to prolong my life.  It IS within my power, though, to make the most of the moments.


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